Where's my refund?

Receipt of refunds is always a tricky question. We have no way from our software to determine when you will receive your refund. We suspect that this year we will see an increase in delays as the IRS is very behind still due to their COVID shut down. The good news for you is there is a way you can check in on your refund yourself. Both IRS and MN dept of rev have online Where’s my Refund you can check. To access these links, visit our website at sartelltaxservice.com and scroll to the bottom of the page. The IRS also offers an app called IRS2Go.  (Note: It takes up to 48 hours after the IRS and MN have accepted your return to show up on the tracker.) This could take up to 5 business days to occur. If after the allotted time, there seems to be an issue please contact our office and we will assist you in locating your refund.


Click here to find out when your Federal refund is coming.

Click here to find out when your Minnesota State income tax and property tax refunds are coming.


When does my Property Tax Return get done?

Property tax statements usually arrive at the end of March. If you had your taxes completed prior to these statements being released, you may see an estimated refund amount on your taxes based on your 2022 estimated property tax statement. This number may change based. If your taxes are completed after property tax statements are released the number is your correct refund amount and your MNPR will be present in your tax papers. After the completion of tax season, we will complete all remaining property tax returns. You will receive your MNPR statement from us in the mail no later than August 15th with your refund amount. If you were expecting a refund and did not receive a statement after August 15th, feel free to contact us to discuss your refund qualifications. (All residents of a single location must have all income included when considering the qualification of a property tax return.) Property Tax statements are available for us to view online so there is no need to bring in your hard copy. Once you get the letter you check on the status with MN at the same refund site above, we e-file as we go. 


 Click here to find out when your Minnesota State income tax and property tax refunds are coming.


Need another copy of your tax return?

An additional printed copy of your tax return will be $20 at appointment or in the future.  We can also email you a copy to the email we have in your tax return.  We can not email anywhere else without an authorization filled out.  Copies will be password protected first four last name last 5 ssn (xxxx11111).


Something wrong with your already filed tax return or received a form after filing?

Amendments will be filed after tax season is complete and your original return has been fully processed.  If you have a change that needs to be made give us the info to get on our list. After the last day of tax season please drop off your evidence for need of amendment such as, an extra w-2, missed dividends, etc.  Amendments due to preparer error will be completed free of charge. Amendments due to taxpayer error are completed with a $75 charge. Amendments due to employer error will be billed to the taxpayer with a paper copy of bill for taxpayer to submit to their employer. Your accountant will call you when your amendment is completed with further instructions on how to file. Federal amendments can usually be e-filed, MN cannot and will need to be mailed. We suggest using tracking when mailing in your amendment.