Covid -19 Updates

Due to current restrictions and COVID numbers everyone entering the office must wear a mask at all times.  If a medical condition prevents you from wearing a mask we ask that you use one of our virtual appointment options. 

We are sending all clients a larger packet of information this year. Paperwork must be completed for us to finish your return. For Hybrid appointments information must be dropped off 2 weeks prior to appointment. 

1. Hybrid Appointment (recommended) – get your info to us we call you to schedule a 10-minute appointment to go over your info in person or zoom. It must be in by April 8th 
2. Regular Drop off* – get your info to us, we call you when it is done, it takes at least a week depending on volume and day dropped off. It must be in by April 8th - possible $10 discount 
3. Zoom meeting* – get your info to us and we will schedule the zoom 
4. Business/farm appt* – call to schedule (get us info ahead of appt) zoom preferred.

Once you have all your paperwork together (with forms filled out, initialed, signed, out of envelopes, unfolded, and on a neat no staples pile) you can drop off no need to call. Drop off options: (1) In the slot that drops into the building on the right corner of the building (see signs) (2) Secure File Pro (must call to get set up) (3) Mail to the PO Box (4) Fax (5) Email (not recommended). When your return is finished, our office manager will call to set up a review and pick up appointment. This appointment will be 10 to 14 minutes (we are keeping contact under 15 minutes if possible) with your preparer. If you do not want/need a review appointment, let us know and we will prepare your return for pickup. Either way call when you arrive and we will let you know when you can enter the building to avoid having to many people in the lobby.

We will begin processing January 25th. The office will have regular hours starting February 1st. The office hours will be Mon-Fri 8:00am-6:00pm and Sat 9:00am-3pm, or by special arrangement. If there are questions for/from Diane and Christie or you are missing information, due to how busy they are, we will be scheduling a time for call back. Most questions will be answered by the office manager Alana, if there are remaining questions, she will schedule a phone appointment.