The office will be closed as of 3/27/2020.  We are still working just not at the office.  We will call you when your return is ready for pick up. 

Options for completing tax returns. – Call 320-656-9021 if you have questions

  1.  Drop off.  – Put all your paper work in an envelope* with name and phone on the outside.  We will complete and give you all call when it is done usually in about a week.  You will call us when you are in the parking lot for pick up and we will bring it out to you. Gets $10 discount.
  2. Secure file pro (SFP) – Similar to drop off. You need to call to get set up. We send you a link to a secure file you up load all your documents* which comes directly to us.  We complete your return and send you a copy via the SFP. Gets $15 discount.
  3. Zoom appointment – SFP or drop off your paperwork and we will set up a meeting time.  We invite you to view your tax return being complete you can ask questions just like a real office appointment.  Can be done via phone, tablet, or computer.
  4. Phone appointment - SFP or drop off your paperwork and we will set up a meeting time. We will put you on speaker while we complete your return.

*if you have any questions write them down and we will call you when we are working on your return.

With all options if we have any questions or think we should talk to you about something we will give you a call.



Questions about the stimulus go to https://www.irs.gov/coronavirus or check out our News tab.



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